Commercial law

Our law office shall provide you with complete services regarding administration and recovery of your claims, protection of your rights in judicial proceedings, arbitration and enforcement proceedings. It is given we practise law in the area of corporate law, including matters of companies and cooperatives establishment, as well as further amendments or winding-ups thereof.

Furthermore, we specialize in preparation of a wide range of contracts, always neatly adjusted to your business activities.

Bankruptcy law

We provide legal advice to companies and individuals that have become insolvent, or found themselves on the verge of insolvency. Together we shall find solution most suitable to your actual situation, prepare needed documents, and you may rely on us to provide you with all necessary assistance and consultation during the whole process.

We are equally able to find effective solutions for those willing to lodge their claims against the subjects currently undergoing bankruptcy or restructuring proceeding. Above all, we shall prepare all documents needed for lodging of such claims, or we may find another suitable way to protect your rights.

Civil law

In civil law we provide wide range of legal services, including, above all, legal aid regarding real estate, protection of personality and property rights protection. We shall prepare all contracts or other documents needed to secure the protection of your rights.

Whilst exercising clients’s rights and legitimate interests and defending them against claims asserted we represent them in judicial proceedings with a high success rate. We achieve particularly good results at representing victims of traffic accidents, persons subjected to a crime, maladministration, or improper conduct in the provision of a health care.

Employment law

In the area of employee relations we provide advice of equally high quality for employers as well as employees. We shall prepare all the respective documents: employment contracts, agreements on work performed outside employment, dismissals, immediate terminations of employment, etc.

We possess extensive experience with judicial proceedings involving the application of invalidity of employment termination on the part of employees and employers, as well as with measures preventing thereof.

Family law

We provide legal advice needed in respective family affairs, particularly divorces, alimony, visitation rights and consecutive settlement after ending of spouses’ joint tenancy.

Administrative law

We are able to provide you with complete protection against administrative bodies’ and public authorities’ unlawful interference, as well as their illegal decisions and maladministration. We have likewise broad experience with representing self-government bodies, particularly towns and villages.

Constitutional law

Preparation of constitutional complaints and representation in proceedings before the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic is a natural part of our complex legal services. After all available domestic remedies have been exhausted, we are also able to prepare applications to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg; furthermore, we provide the representation of clients in proceedings initiated.

European Union law

After the accession of the Slovak Republic to the European Union its law has indisputably become an integral and inseparable part of our legal system. Our legal service includes advice on a wide range of European Union law and representation in proceedings before the ECJ. Particular attention is paid to the preliminary ruling procedure. High level of legal services in this area is also guaranteed by attorney’s internship at ECJ in 2012.

Consumer protection

We ensure utmost protection of clients’ rights as consumers, especially in the presence of unfair terms in contracts concluded, when buying over the internet, in the case of concluded contracts on consumer credit or for the provision of certain tourism services.

Extrajudicial dispute resolution

We are certain you will appreciate our alternative dispute resolution services, particularly in communication with the counterparty and the conclusion of agreements and settlements.