We provide services of a trustee under the act No. 7/2005 Coll. on Bankruptcy and Restructuring and on amendments to certain acts, and Act. No. 8/2005. on Bankruptcy Trustees. This includes all activities executed under the acts, particularly operation of a preliminary trustee, the property assessment, its management and monetization after the bankruptcy has been declared, evaluation of registered claims of the creditors, their eventual denial, challenging bankrupt’s legal actions, and satisfying creditors of the bankrupt.

You shall be provided by complete services not only from the position of a trustee, but also by our law firm if you are interested in filing for bankruptcy, whether against a third party or yourself.


We specialize likewise in the area of restructuring, in which we prepare for our clients restructuring opinions and restructuring plans and provide a comprehensive service in the process of restructuring, as well as any subsequent supervisory management.

Restructuring is a modern and effective way to recovery your business, in which the settlement of creditors' claims shall be achieved under the agreement contained in the restructuring plan, approved by creditors’ approval meeting.

Personal bankruptcies

If you found yourself in a situation where you are unable to fulfil obligations to your creditors, one of the solutions might be a personal bankruptcy process.

If you should be interested in any of the above ways of dealing with your current situation, or you just wish to be informed about the details of individual processes, costs or time of their duration, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or through any of the contacts listed in the Contact section.